Vol 11, No 4 (2014)

Various Aspects of International Law II

Table of Contents

Honorary Article

Doctrine of Rebus Sic Stantibus And Law of International Treaty PDF
D. Sidik Suraputra 462-482

Main Article

Freedom of Expression and Right to Privacy in the European Union: The Right to Photographs Private Private Properties PDF
Alifia Qonita Sudharto 511-536
The Discrimination Under the Principle of National Treatment Under The GATT and The GATS: De Facto or De Jure Discrimination PDF
. Mahfud 537-556

General Article

The Controversy of Trade in Tobacco and Protection of Public Health, A Study of Tobacco Control Measures and Impacts on Trademark Practice: The Stricter; The Better? PDF
Nattapong Suwan-in 557-590

Book Review

International Organization: Theories and Institutions PDF
Dita Liliansa 591-593

International Law in News

International Law in News PDF

International Law Making

International Law-Making PDF

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