Promotion of Refugee Law in Indonesia

Enny Soeprapto


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The effort to introduce the refugee law has been started since 1981 in Indonesia and has been intensified since 1998 which resulted several progresses. It can be seen implicitly under Law No, 37 Years 1999 on International Relations. Moreover, there are several national regulations that can be related with the refugee issue, such as; Prime Minister Circular Letter Number 11 Years 1956 on Protection of Asylum Seekers, Presidential Decree Number 38 Years 1979 on Coordination of Resolving the Vietnam’s refugees in Indonesia, and Presidential Decree Number 3 Years 2001 on National Coordinating Board for the Management Disaster and Refugees. This article explaining about the progress of the refugee law in Indonesia and the role of Indonesia in Convention relating to the Status of Refugee 1951 and Protocol relating to the Status of Refugee 1967.

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