Praktek Indonesia dalam Pemanfaatan Wilayah Udara

Moh. Iksan Tatang


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Air transportation is a global transportation, vehicles, terminals, and airways are main components of the air transportation sub-system. Vehicles, in this matter aircraft as a tool of transportation, have a global characteristic because of the high speed and wide range capability compare to vehicles of any other transportation mode.
An airway is a flight lane in air space. Every aircraft, which pass the airways, has the right of air traffic services. The authority provision of giving the air traffic services internationally is provided in Annex 11 to the Convention on Civil Aviation about Air Traffic Services. The authority mentioned above includes responsibility to provide air traffic services in air space above the territory, which the state has its jurisdiction and responsibility to the aerodrome where the air traffic services are given. A state, through an agreement, may delegate the responsibility of providing air traffic services to the other states or accept responsibility mentioned above from the other states. Air space above the high seas or air space above the area that is not under any sovereignty of certain states which is the air traffic services are needed is determined in a regional air navigation agreement. Usually, Regional Air Navigation Meeting is a forum to accomplish this purpose.

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