Pr. Yao- Ming Hsu

Pr. Yao- Ming Hsu
National Cheng-Chi University, Taiwan, Province of China

Pr. Yao-Ming Hsu 許耀明

Associate Professor, National Cheng-Chi University, Taipei, Taiwan
Mobil (886) 953 001 007

2004.9. DEA (Master Degree) of European Law, Université d’Aix-Marseille III, France/ DEA (Master Degree) of Legal Theory, Université d’Aix-Marseille III, France
2005.9. Summer course 2005 in European Academy of Legal Theory, Brussels, Belgium
2006.7 Ph.D of International Law and European Community Law, CERIC, Université d’Aix-Marseille III, France
2007.7 Summer course in Academy of International Law (Division: Private International Law), Hague, the Netherlands

Professional Experiences
2008.8.18-2008.9.4 Research Center in Academy of International Law (subject: International Environmental Law), Hague, the Netherlands
2008.10, Visiting Scholar, Graduate Institute of International Law, Wuhan University, China
2012.3, Guest Professor, Center of International Law, College of Law, Renmin University, Beijing, China
2012.8.-2013.7, Visiting Professor, Institute of East Asian Studies, University California Berkeley, CA, USA

Languages Chinese, Taiwanese, English, French

Main Publications in Chinese

Courses/Seminars/Lectures/Academic Interests
Public International Law, Private International Law, WTO Law, EU Law, Introduction to French Law, International Commercial Law, Bioethics and Law


Articles (peer reviewed)

1. 許耀明,歐盟國際私法之發展與其對國際法秩序之影響:以歐盟於盧加諾公約與海牙國際私法會議之參與為例,歐美研究季刊,44卷3期,2014年9月,頁361-417(TSSCI期刊)
Yao-Ming Hsu, Development of European Private International Law and its Influence on the International Legal Order: Examples of EU Participation in the Lugano Convention and the Hague Conference on Private International Law, EurAmerica, vol.44(3), Sep 2014, p.361-417.
2. Yao-Ming Hsu, Property Law, in Jürgen Basedow & Knut B. Piβler (eds.), Private International Law in Mainland China, Taiwan and Europe, 2014, p.119-128ao-Ming Hsu, [Book Review], Environmental Law Adjudicating Climate Change: State, National, and International Approaches edited by William C.G. BURNS and Hari M. OSOFSKY. Cambridge/New York: Cambridge University Press, 2009. ix + 399 pp. Softcover: £60., Asian Journal of International Law / Volume 3 / Issue 02 / July 2013, pp 414 - 416
3. Yao-Ming HSU, Conflits et Résolutions possibles entre le droit de l’OMC et le Protocole de Kyoto: pespectives sur le rôle de l’ORD de l’OMC, in S. Maljean-Dubois and L. Rajamani (eds.), IMPLEMENTATION OF INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENTAL LAW / La mise en œuvre du droit de l’environnement, 2011, Martinus Nijhoff Pub. 2011, p.515 -536
4. 許耀明,氣候變化國際法與WTO規則在解決貿易與環境糾紛中的矛盾與協調,政治與法律,2010年第3期,2010年3月,頁29-39(CSSCI期刊,上海社科院出版,人大複印資料「國際法學」2010年第9期全文轉載)
Yao-Ming Hsu, Climate Change, International Law and WTO rules: conflicts and harmonization in Trade and Environment Disputes, Politics and Law, Shanghai, vol.2010-3, 2010.3., p.29-39.
5. 許耀明,風險管理與風險治理:以GMO/GMF為例,收於「公衛風險的法律建構」,科技發展與法律規範雙年刊,中央研究院法律學研究所籌備處,2008年3月,頁197--239(雙向匿名審稿)
Yao-Ming Hsu, Risk Management and “Gouvernement des Risques”: An Example of GMO and GMF, in TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT AND LEGAL CHANGES 197-239 (2008)
6. 許耀明,氣候變化綱要公約/京都議定書、美歐不同立場與和WTO補貼暨平衡措施協定之互動,中華國際法與超國界法評論,3卷1期,2007年6月,頁73-120 (雙向匿名審稿)
Yao-Ming Hsu, The UNFCCC/ Kyoto Protocol, the US/EU positions and the possible Application of SCM Agreement, Chinese Journal of International and Transnational Law, Vol.3(1), 2007.6., p.73-120.
7. 許耀明,從WTO生技產品案爭端解決小組報告看GMO國際貿易中國際貿易法與國際環境法之衝突與解決可能,科技法學評論,4卷1期,2007年4月,頁225-266
Yao-Ming Hsu, The Possibility of Resolution of Conflicts Between International Trade Law and International Law of Environment : A Perspective from the Panel Report of Biotech Products Case, Technology and Legal Studies, vol.4(1). 2007.4., p.225-266.

(Recent Papers in Conferences in English and French, most of them are under revision for future publication)

1. Yao-Ming Hsu, Climate Change and Biodiversity, 10th European Society of International Law Annual Conference/ Interest Group International Bio Law, 3 September, University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
2. Yao-Ming Hsu, EU Governance of Climate Change: a Regional Example for Global Climate Governance?, 11th ASLI Conference, University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, 30th May 2014
3. Yao-Ming Hsu, Trade and Energy: Reflections from Case Canada-Feed-in Tariff Program in WTO , The 3rd Conference of the Postgraduate and Early Professionals/Academics Network of the Society of International Economic Law (PEPA/SIEL), 24th April and 25th April, 2014, Sao Paulo, Brazil
4. Yao-Ming Hsu, Principes généraux de protection du corps en Chine et à Taiwan, RUIB 2014 WORKSHOP PLURIDISCIPLINAIRE INTERNATIONAL « LES PRINCIPES DE PROTECTION DU CORPS DANS LE CADRE DE LA BIOMEDECINE », 16 au 17 décembre 2013 – Bruxelles, Belgium
5. Yao-Ming Hsu, Rethinking the Nature of Environmental Right in the Age of Climate Change, International Law Conference Series, Oct. 23-25 2013, Padjadjaran University, Indonesia
6. Yao-Ming Hsu, Between Politics and Law: a Taiwanese Example of Beauty Bay BOT Development Plan, 2013 ISA/RCSL conference, Sep.3-6 2013, Toulouse, France
7. Yao-Ming Hsu, Rethinking about the Nature of Environmental Right in the Age of Climate Change, International Workshop “Human Rights & Climate Change: the Role of Courts, Tribunals & Supervisory Mechanisms”, CERIC of Université Aix-Marseille, June 21 2013, Aix-en-Provence, France
8. Yao-Ming Hsu, The Transformation of the Role of China in DSB/WTO: Transformation from a Passive Actor to an Active One, 10th Asian Law Institute Conference, 23 & 24 May 2013, Bangalore, National Law School of India University, India
9. Yao-Ming Hsu, Trade and Energy: Inspirations from the Case Canada-Feed-in Tariff Program to Taiwanese Renewable Energy Policies and Regulations, 2013 ILA-ASIL ASIA-PACIFIC RESEARH FORUM, Taipei, 2013.5.16.
10. Yao-Ming Hsu, Environmental Liability Litigations: an European-Taiwanese Perspective, Environmental Litigation and Environmental Liability, SASS, Shanghai, 2012.11.12-13 (to be published by National Taiwan University Press in 2013)
11. Yao-Ming Hsu, Taiwanese Policies and Regulations for Climate Change: Examples of the Statute for Development of Renewable Energy, the Proposal of the Law for Reduction of Greenhouse Gas & the Proposal of the Statute of Energy Tax, EU Centres Institutes Asia-Europe Roundtable on “Climate Change Action in the EU and Asia”, 30-31 January 2012, Yonsei-SERI EU Centre in Korea, Seoul, Korea (to be published in 2013)
12. Yao-Ming Hsu, Access to information, Public Participation in Decision-Making and Access to Justice in Environmental matters in Taiwan, Conference on “the Right to a Healthy Environment: Right of Access to information, Public Participation in Decision-Making and Access to Justice in Environmental matters in International, European and Comparative Law”, CERIC, Université Paul Cézanne Aix-Marseille III, Aix-en-Provence, France, 16 Nov. 2011.