About the Journal

Indonesian Journal of International Law (ijil) is firstly published by the Center for International Law studies Faculty of Law University of Indonesia in 2003 to serve the development of international law particularly in Indonesia. IJIL is intended to promote international law in Indonesia and to build the interest of Indonesian scholars and decision maker of the important role of international law in developing the rule-based international community. IJIL is published four times a year which are in October, January, April and July. In every publication of IJIL there is honorary article, main article and general article. IJIL has been accepting various articles from Indonesia prominent experts in international law as well as abroad, from five different continents in the world. IJIL has also foreign editors whose internationally reputations. In fulfilling the objective to promote international law, IJIL also has the content besides articles, which are international law making and international law in news. We are inviting any thoughts from any writers around the world and every article is solely opinion of the writer and does not contain any opinion from Board of Editors of IJIL. The principle of IJIL is "open to any ideas (open to all thoughts)".

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Indonesian Journal of International Law is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.